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Coyote Branding is a creative agency built for the entrepreneur. A Director of Marketing can be expensive and a full-service creative agency can be even more expensive. Forget about committing to a salary, and don’t burn your cash with agencies that provide fractionalized services. Spend 75% less by bringing on a partner that provides best in class services all in one place.

Design, Branding, Marketing


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COYOTE BRANDING is a full-service creative agency focused on helping early stage companies create lasting traction. We specialize in creating the startup branding, web design & digital marketing strategy needed for startups to find the right customers and inherently create appeal for investment.

The team at COYOTE BRANDING goes beyond your traditional designers and developers. We are a group of artists, investors, builders and creators, passionate about building businesses that are sustainable in the new digital environment. COYOTE BRANDING will make you a priority as we walk through the creation process with you from start to finish.


We have spent our entire careers building, scaling and funding early stage companies.

Guided by our core values, the COYOTE family is focused on treating each one of our clients as a true partners. We create for creators.

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